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How to Create a Folder & User Account - (New Version)

Grant Baranowski
posted this on September 8, 2011, 16:05



  1.  To should be on the Home screen of your LITE VERSION of the Client Portal System.

      - Click on the Create Shared Folder button located in the upper right hand corner of this screen.




2. A window will pop up asking for a Folder Name .. type in your "Folder Name"

    .... the "Description" is (optional).

   -  In the drop-down menu select "Add Manually"

   -  Then click the "Create Folder" button.

   -  You have now created a (FOLDER)



3. Fill in the users information (Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Company)

   * Special Note: The email address will become the log in name for the user.

   - Put a check mark in the box "Notify user that he/she has been added to this folder".

   - The last step involves the permissions the user will have on the folder. You can select to either match the users permissions to an existing user   on the folder or configure custom permissions. The available options are download, upload, delete, upload email notifications, download email notification and admin.

   * Special Note: The alerts will notify the User NOT the Administrator.

Note: an admin on a folder is different then an administrator for the entire account. An admin on a folder means that the user will be able to see and manage the folder access for that particular folder.

   - Once you are done, click the Add Users button.


4. You will then be taken to the Customize Your Message window. In this window you are allowed to customize the email that will be sent to your Client. If you would like to preview the message, you may click on the "Preview Email" button.

  - A generic password will be automatically sent to their email address. (They will be prompted to change the generic password when they first log in.)

  - Once you are done. Click the Send button.



5. You will be taken back to the View/Edit Folder Access window, where you can verify the permissions.

  - Put a check mark int the box "Apply permissions/alerts to existing subfolders". By checking this box.

    You will apply the same permissions rights to any subfolders that are created. 

  - Click the "Save Changes" button.


6. Congratulations! You have now created a User Folder and User Account.  You are Done!

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